Garage Door Repair Services Davie

If your opener is not opening or closing all the way, or is making loud noises it might need some maintenance. Local Garage Door Repair Davie offers expert service that can troubleshoot, provide replacement parts, or upgrade your existing garage door opener no matter the problem. Upon completion of the repair or install, we will also offer warranties on all products and labor to ensure your peace of mind.

Occasionally, garage door panels may be damaged by a vehicle, weather, or maybe age has just taken a toll. To find out whether you are better off repairing vs. replacing your garage door give Local Garage Door Repair Davie a call and we will send out a certified technician for a completely FREE-ESTIMATE!

When the wheels on your garage door fall off don’t panic! They are usually the first to bend, break, or weaken. Call Local Garage Door Repair Davie, our technicians will get your garage door rolling smoothly again.

Garage Door Panel Repair Davie FLMalfunctioning sensors can be the cause of your garage door to remain open, or even reopen immediately after closing. Common causes can be due to, misalignment, interference by any object, or even dirt or dust on the sensors themselves. When the installation of your garage door sensors is being performed by professional technician, there is no reason to experience issues with the safety sensors.

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